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Bora-Care (1 gallon)

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BORA-CARE is an environmentally friendly wood decay protection. It is an easy to use Concentrated Liquid Borate termiticide / insecticide / fungicide.

One gallon of BORA-CARE concentrate treats 800 board feet of wood.

One OUNCE of BORA-CARE concentrate will treat 6 board feet of wood.

How much BORA-CARE is needed? 

One Gallon of Bora-Care concentrate treats 800 board feet of wood 

Because Bora-Care is not a surface treatment, but rather migrates throughout the entire piece of wood, board feet rather than square feet needs to be calculated to determine how much Bora-Care concentrate is needed for a project. 

Follow these steps to determine how much BORA-CARE is needed for your project.  

 1. Find the total cubic inches of wood to be treated:   Length inches  x  Width inches  x  Height inches  =  Total Cubic Inches  

 2. Divide the Total Cubic inches by 144" (cubic inches in a board foot) = Total Board Feet (Total bf)  

 3. Divide the Total bf by 800 bf (bf treated by 1 gallon BORA-CARE) = Number of BORA-CARE gallons needed

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