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The RecyClean Pressure Washer - Vacuum System, permits you to power wash and recover the rinse water in one easy pass. The hooded hand tools allow the operator to deliver high pressure water on a variety of surfaces, contain and collect it, simultaneously. Now, you can have complete control of the water in any high pressure cleaning application. If the surface you are cleaning is not generating hazardous waste, the pump within the RecyClean vacuum can divert the wastewater into the storm drains (subject to local regulations).
The spray tips within the hood spin at a high velocity, producing a cyclone effect on the surface. This creates a dual cleaning action that is more effective than a standard pressure washer nozzle. Add to this the powerful vacuum, and you have the efficient source for the capture of water. Besides the obvious cost savings from this unique product, other benefits include: improved worker safety, job cleanliness, and no messy run-off, plus protecting the environment is easy.
This proven technology is now used on a variety of applications and job sites around the country; including building restoration, lead-based paint abatement, asbestos removal, and areas sensitive to water damage and/or its need for containment.                                                                    
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